Why getting your kids involved around the house is a good idea

I know, it’s easier to just do it yourself.

No one can do it exactly how I want it; so why bother letting anyone else do it, I’ll just have to fix it anyways, right? We’ve all thought this as moms or as a spouse. I have my OCD moments; the mugs need to face the correct way otherwise they won’t all fit OR I can Tetris the shit out of the dishwasher to fit so much more- oh just move aside and let ME do it!

But once you let go… oh, it’s pretty amazing.

My son just turned 8. He’s been taking the garbage out since he was 6, unloading the dishwasher every morning for the past 6 months, makes his own breakfast and cleans up the mess, cleans up his things from the living room, keeps his room (somewhat) tidy, and has just started making his own lunches. I’ve had to give up control over certain things in my house, which can be challenging, but it’s also been so rewarding.

We all know the struggle that comes with packing our kids lunch. 90% of the time most, if not all, of the food comes back uneaten. It’s beyond frustrating because you put time and energy into that lunch or snack; and they ignored it all, because there was ONE thing that they didn’t like.

Well, I’ve put my foot down. Not this year friends!

I pitched the idea to my son in a this-will-be-fun-and-you’re-doing-it-regardless kind of way. Luckily, he’s excited!

I left the choice up to him, but threw in some easy ideas that I could help with. He decided on mini pizza’s, which I thought was perfect! We can prep a whole bunch at the beginning of the week, and he can eat them as lunch or an after school snack. We prepped all the ingredients and 20 minutes later, we’ve got 6 pizzas that he’s excited to eat!

Sure, I could have been doing this from the beginning, along with all my other meal prep, it would have been easier and probably faster; but in the longterm, what good am I doing? I’m already doing all of the meal prep for my vegetarian lifestyle, plus most of the prep/cooking for the rest of my family who eat meat. I try to remind myself that I don’t need to do everything for my family. My son is a responsible young man who is more than capable of making his own lunches. It gives him ownership, and teaches him how to take care of himself. Plus it’s a fantastic opportunity to teach him about healthy choices and the foods he’s putting into his body.

So here goes week one of about thirty six! My kid is making his own lunches!

…Now we wait until after school to see if he actually ate them 😉


How do YOUR kids help around the house?

4 thoughts on “Why getting your kids involved around the house is a good idea

  1. Stanley is only 16 months, and loves helping! He unloaded the grocery bags [well sort of. He emptied them onto the counter..then I opened the pantry door and he emptied into there!] He loves filling up the dryer, [and slams the door shut while I’m trying to add more]. Love my helper!

    1. Awww that’s awesome Jess!! Soooo cute, and great job on starting him early! Steven used to help me sweep and mop when he was a toddler; I think it makes a huge difference down the line, when you let them help in their own way when they’re so young! <3

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