Setting my soul on Fire

Sometimes we need to remind ourself that what we’re doing is worth it.

Change is scary. It’s easy to stick with what we know and become complacent, it’s hard to take the leap into something new.

All the negative thoughts awaken and swirl around, telling me I’m not good enough.
“What if I make a mistake? What if someone doesn’t like me? What if I fail?”

Over and over, finally forcing me back into my hole where no-one can hurt me. I don’t like this hole, it’s too familiar; filled with the same thoughts, day in and day out. Never moving forward with my dreams and aspirations, I’m tired of it.

Starting this website was the start of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It took awhile, but I did it. Now I need to continue this change; continue forcing myself to be uncomfortable, to try new things, to fail.

It’s scary. Terrifying.

But I’m doing it!

So, here’s my Friday reminder to anyone out there who is too scared to try something new- just do it (thanks Nike). It will be hard, it will be scary, but it’ll be worth it. Even if we fail, and it doesn’t work out, at least we tried.

Life is too short to worry and wonder about what could have been. We need to seize the day and do what sets our soul on fire. So I’m taking a deep breath, pulling up my big girl pants, and making my plans.

Expect some exciting things on the horizonĀ šŸ–¤

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